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Article - Commercial Law


    (1)    Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section, a lease, although subject to this title, is also subject to any applicable:

        (a)    Statute of the United States;

        (b)    Certificate of title statute of this State;

        (c)    Certificate of title statute of another jurisdiction (§ 2A-105); or

        (d)    Consumer protection statute of this State.

    (2)    In case of conflict between the provisions of this title, other than §§ 2A-105, 2A-304(3), and 2A-305(3), and any statute referred to in subsection (1), the provisions of that statute control.

    (3)    Failure to comply with any applicable statute has only the effect specified therein.

    (4)    This title does not apply to consumer motor vehicle leasing contracts subject to Title 14, Subtitle 20 of this article or leases for consumer goods subject to Title 12, Subtitle 6 of this article.

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