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Statutes Text

Article - Education


    (a)    Ten days before the end of July, September, November, January, March, and May, the State Superintendent shall certify to the State Comptroller the amount due at the end of each of these months to each county board for the annual State share of:

        (1)    Funding for the foundation program under § 5-202 of this subtitle;

        (2)    Transportation aid under § 5-205 of this subtitle;

        (3)    Funding for compensatory education under § 5-207 of this subtitle;

        (4)    Funding for students with limited English proficiency under § 5-208 of this subtitle;

        (5)    Funding for special education students under § 5-209 of this subtitle;

        (6)    Funding for the guaranteed tax base program under § 5-210 of this subtitle; and

        (7)    Any money provided in the Department’s budget for special education services under § 8-414 of this article.

    (b)    Amounts due shall be made in equal payments once every 2 months.

    (c)    Within 5 days before the end of each of these months, the State Comptroller shall draw the Comptroller’s warrant on the State Treasurer for the amount due to the treasurer of each county board.

    (d)    On receipt of the warrant of the State Comptroller, the State Treasurer immediately shall pay the amount due to the treasurer of each county board.

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