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Statutes Text

Article - Education


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Advisory Board” means the School Safety Subcabinet Advisory Board.

    (c)    (1)    “Behaviors of concern” means behaviors or threats that indicate a student may pose a risk of self–harm or harm to others.

        (2)    “Behaviors of concern” includes:

            (i)    Expressions of hopelessness;

            (ii)    Known drug use;

            (iii)    Suicidal gestures or statements; and

            (iv)    Known gang activity.

    (d)    “Center” means the Maryland Center for School Safety.

    (e)    “Drill” means a formalized exercise by which school system personnel, staff, or students rehearse a school emergency plan.

    (f)    “Fund” means the Safe Schools Fund.

    (g)    “Local law enforcement agency” means:

        (1)    A police department of a county or municipal corporation in the State; or

        (2)    A sheriff’s office that provides a law enforcement function in a county or municipal corporation in the State.

    (h)    “Safety evaluation” means a written assessment of the safety conditions in each public school, including ingress, egress, and access to areas of refuge for all students.

    (i)    “School emergency plan” means a plan for each local school system and each public school within the school system that addresses mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from emergencies, including:

        (1)    Violent or traumatic events on school grounds during regular school hours or during school–sponsored activities; and

        (2)    Events in the community that affect school operations.

    (j)    “School resource officer” means:

        (1)    A law enforcement officer as defined under § 1–101(c) of the Public Safety Article who has been assigned to a school in accordance with a memorandum of understanding between the chief of a law enforcement agency as defined under § 3–201(d) of the Public Safety Article and the local education agency; or

        (2)    A Baltimore City school police officer, as defined in § 4–318 of this article.

    (k)    “School security employee” means an individual, as defined in regulations adopted by the Subcabinet, who:

        (1)    Is not a school resource officer; and

        (2)    Is employed by a local school system to provide safety and security–related services at a public school.

    (l)    “Subcabinet” means the School Safety Subcabinet.

    (m)    “Wraparound services” means services provided to students, and their families as appropriate, including:

        (1)    Mentoring;

        (2)    Tutoring;

        (3)    Child care services;

        (4)    Housing referrals;

        (5)    Transportation;

        (6)    Crisis intervention;

        (7)    Substance abuse prevention and treatment;

        (8)    Legal aid;

        (9)    Academic counseling; and

        (10)    Career counseling.

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