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Article - Election Law


    (a)    This section applies to a political committee other than a political club.

    (b)    A political committee shall provide, with the filing required by § 13-207(c) of this subtitle, a statement of organization that includes its name and a statement of purpose.

    (c)    The statement of purpose shall specify:

        (1)    each candidate or ballot question, if any, that the political committee was formed to promote or defeat;

        (2)    the identity of each special interest, including any business or occupation, that the organizers of or contributors to the political committee have in common; and

        (3)    whether the political committee will participate in presidential, gubernatorial, Baltimore City, or multiple elections.

    (d)    (1)    A political committee may not use a name that is intended or operates to deceive people as to the political committee’s true nature or character.

        (2)    A political committee established by and for a single candidate shall disclose within the political committee’s name the name of the candidate.

        (3)    A political committee sponsored by or affiliated with another entity or group shall identify within the political committee’s name the other entity or group.

    (e)    A change in the information reported under this section shall be disclosed in the campaign finance report next filed by the political committee.

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