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Article - Election Law


    (a)    To sign a petition, an individual shall:

        (1)    sign the individual’s name as it appears on the statewide voter registration list or the individual’s surname of registration and at least one full given name and the initials of any other names; and

        (2)    include the following information, printed or typed, in the spaces provided:

            (i)    the signer’s name as it was signed;

            (ii)    the signer’s address;

            (iii)    the date of signing; and

            (iv)    other information required by regulations adopted by the State Board.

    (b)    The signature of an individual shall be validated and counted if:

        (1)    the requirements of subsection (a) of this section have been satisfied;

        (2)    the individual is a registered voter assigned to the county specified on the signature page and, if applicable, in a particular geographic area of the county;

        (3)    the individual has not previously signed the same petition;

        (4)    the signature is attested by an affidavit appearing on the page on which the signature appears;

        (5)    the date accompanying the signature is not later than the date of the affidavit on the page; and

        (6)    if applicable, the signature was affixed within the requisite period of time, as specified by law.

    (c)    (1)    A signature may be removed:

            (i)    by the signer upon written application to the election authority with which the petition will be filed if the application is received by the election authority prior to the filing of that signature; or

            (ii)    prior to the filing of that signature, by the circulator who attested to that signature or by the sponsor of the petition, if it is concluded that the signature does not satisfy the requirements of this title.

        (2)    A signature removed pursuant to paragraph (1)(ii) of this subsection may not be included in the number of signatures stated on the information page included in the petition.

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