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Article - Election Law


    (a)    At the conclusion of the verification and counting processes, the chief election official of the election authority shall:

        (1)    determine whether the validated signatures contained in the petition are sufficient to satisfy all requirements established by law relating to the number and geographical distribution of signatures; and

        (2)    if it has not done so previously, determine whether the petition has satisfied all other requirements established by law for that petition and immediately notify the sponsor of that determination, including any specific deficiencies found.

    (b)    If a petition sponsor’s ballot issue committee fails to provide proof of filing the report required under § 13–309(e) of this article, the chief election official may not certify the petition.

    (c)    If the chief election official determines that a petition has satisfied all requirements established by law relating to that petition, the chief election official shall certify that the petition process has been completed and shall:

        (1)    with respect to a petition seeking to place the name of an individual or a question on the ballot, certify that the name or question has qualified to be placed on the ballot;

        (2)    with respect to a petition seeking to create a new political party, certify the sufficiency of the petition to the chairman of the governing body of the partisan organization; and

        (3)    with respect to the creation of a charter board under Article XI–A, § 1A of the Maryland Constitution, certify that the petition is sufficient.

    (d)    Notice of a determination under this section shall be provided in accordance with § 6–210 of this subtitle.

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