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Article - Health - General


    (a)    The Department shall establish and operate a toll–free Health Crisis Hotline 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    (b)    The Health Crisis Hotline shall assist callers by:

        (1)    Conducting a comprehensive evidence–based screening for mental health and substance use needs, cognitive or intellectual functioning, infectious disease, and acute somatic conditions;

        (2)    Conducting a risk assessment for callers experiencing an overdose or potentially committing suicide or a homicide;

        (3)    Connecting callers to an emergency response system when indicated;

        (4)    Referring callers for ongoing care; and

        (5)    Following up with callers to determine if the needs of callers were met.

    (c)    The Department shall collect and maintain the following information to provide to callers on the Health Crisis Hotline:

        (1)    The names, telephone numbers, and addresses of:

            (i)    Residential, inpatient, and outpatient substance use disorder and mental health programs, including information on private programs and programs administered by local health departments and other public entities; and

            (ii)    Hospitals, including hospital emergency rooms, and other facilities that provide detoxification services;

        (2)    The levels of care provided by the programs, hospitals, and facilities identified under item (1) of this subsection; and

        (3)    Whether the programs, hospitals, and facilities identified under item (1) of this subsection:

            (i)    Accept payment for services from a third–party payor, including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance; and

            (ii)    Provide services:

                1.    That are specific to pregnant women;

                2.    That are gender specific;

                3.    For individuals with co–occurring disorders;

                4.    To support parents of children with substance use and mental health disorders; and

                5.    For grief support.

    (d)    (1)    The Department shall provide training for Health Crisis Hotline staff who assist callers on the Health Crisis Hotline to ensure that staff are able to provide sufficient information and respond appropriately to callers who may be in a crisis.

        (2)    To the extent practicable, the Department shall ensure that information provided to callers on the Health Crisis Hotline is up to date and accurate.

    (e)    The Department shall disseminate information about the Health Crisis Hotline to the public, both directly and through public and private organizations that serve the public.

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