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Statutes Text

Article - Labor and Employment


    The intent, purposes and objectives of this subtitle are to:

        (1)    encourage the development of an apprenticeship and training system through the voluntary cooperation of management, labor, and interested State agencies in cooperation with other states and the federal government;

        (2)    provide for the establishment and furtherance of standards of apprenticeship and training to safeguard the welfare of apprentices and trainees;

        (3)    contribute to a healthy economy by aiding in the development and maintenance of a skilled labor force sufficient in numbers and quality to meet the expanding needs of Maryland industry and to attract new industry;

        (4)    open to young people the opportunity to obtain training in skilled trades and other on–the–job occupations which will equip them for profitable employment and citizenship;

        (5)    establish an apprenticeship and training council and authorize the appointment of a Director;

        (6)    set up a program of planned apprenticeship under registered agreements, meeting standards established by the Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor; and

        (7)    promote employment opportunities for young people under conditions providing adequate training and reasonable earnings.

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