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Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    In this section, “adverse action” includes:

        (1)    discharge;

        (2)    demotion;

        (3)    threatening the employee with discharge or demotion; and

        (4)    any other retaliatory action that results in a change to the terms or conditions of employment that would dissuade a reasonable employee from exercising a right under this subtitle.

    (b)    A person may not interfere with the exercise of or the attempt to exercise any right given under this subtitle.

    (c)    An employer may not:

        (1)    take adverse action or discriminate against an employee because the employee exercises in good faith the rights protected under this subtitle;

        (2)    interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise by an employee of any right provided for under this subtitle; or

        (3)    apply an absence control policy that includes earned sick and safe leave absences as an absence that may lead to or result in an adverse action being taken against an employee.

    (d)    The protections afforded under this subtitle shall apply to an employee who mistakenly, but in good faith, alleges a violation of this subtitle.

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