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Statutes Text

Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    Each employer that hires employees to operate power equipment shall develop and carry out an employee safety training program designed to inform employees of and train employees in applicable standards for safe operation of power equipment including:

        (1)    limitations and use;

        (2)    rated load capacities; and

        (3)    special hazards.

    (b)    On request by the Commissioner, an employer shall give the Commissioner a copy of its safety training program.

    (c)    Each employer that hires employees to operate power equipment shall:

        (1)    keep on file for inspection:

            (i)    a written description of its employee training program; and

            (ii)    a notation of where an employee received safety training, if the employer did not provide the employee with safety training;

        (2)    assure that specifications of a manufacturer applicable to operation of a piece of power equipment are available to each operator; and

        (3)    post operating instructions as required by occupational safety and health standards.

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