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Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    (1)    Notwithstanding any provision of §§ 8-805 and 8-806 of this subtitle or Subtitle 10 of this title, the Secretary promptly shall pay benefits to a claimant in accordance with a determination until it has been modified or reversed by a later determination or decision.

        (2)    If a determination is modified or reversed by a subsequent determination or decision, the Secretary promptly shall pay or deny benefits for any week of unemployment that follows in accordance with the subsequent determination or decision.

    (b)    In accordance with the regulations of the Secretary, all benefits shall be paid from the Unemployment Insurance Fund through employment offices.

    (c)    Except as provided in Subtitle 11 and Subtitle 12 of this title or any provision of federal law, during a benefit year:

        (1)    a claimant is entitled to a total amount of benefits equal to 26 times the claimant’s weekly benefit amount; and

        (2)    for each week during which benefits are payable, a claimant is entitled to allowances for dependents under § 8-804 of this subtitle.

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