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Statutes Text

Article - Real Property


    (a)    Only those goods necessary to satisfy the claim for rent due and to pay all costs may be sold in a sale under distress. Any unsold goods shall be returned to the tenant if they have been removed or they shall be left on the premises. If a surplus of money remains after the sale and payment of the rent claim and all costs, it shall be returned to the tenant or paid as provided by order of the court. The cost of returning unsold goods to the premises, if removed, shall be included as costs of the sale.

    (b)    Before any distrainable goods of others are sold at a sale, the goods of the tenant shall be sold first and in their entirety, if necessary, to satisfy the claim for rent and costs. The sale of goods of others shall be made only to the extent necessary to satisfy the rent claim and all costs.

    (c)    If any surplus money or unsold goods remain in the possession of an officer on completion of proceedings in an action of distress and after payment of all claims and costs incurred, a judgment creditor or other person claiming a right to the money or goods may petition the court in which the action was brought for payment of the creditor’s or claimant’s judgment or claim out of the excess of money or goods, plus court costs expended by the creditor or claimant. After a hearing on the petition, the court may direct payment of the money or goods or order the sale of goods in the same manner and after proceedings similar to those in attachment or execution. Any exemption allowed by law is permitted in these proceedings if claimed.

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