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Article - State Finance and Procurement


    (a)    In this section, “small procurement” means a procurement for which:

        (1)    a unit spends $100,000 or less;

        (2)    a contractor provides services subject to § 11–202(3) of this article for expected annual revenues of $100,000 or less;

        (3)    the Department of General Services or the Department of Transportation is seeking to award a procurement contract for a construction with a value that is $200,000 or less;

        (4)    the Department of Natural Resources is seeking to award a procurement contract for capital projects or maintenance with a value that is $200,000 or less; or

        (5)    for purposes of administering Title 29, Subtitle 1 of the State Personnel and Pensions Article, the State Retirement Agency spends $100,000 or less during a fiscal year for:

            (i)    expenses related to independent medical evaluations by a physician; and

            (ii)    any expenses related to testimony by the physician at administrative hearings on behalf of the Agency.

    (b)    A unit may make small procurements in accordance with the regulations of primary procurement units.

    (c)    A primary procurement unit may not create a small procurement by artificial division of a procurement.

    (d)    Any regulation of a primary procurement unit to govern small procurements:

        (1)    shall provide for a simplified administrative procedure;

        (2)    shall be consistent with the basic intent of this Division II; and

        (3)    may not be disadvantageous economically to the State.

    (e)    At least every 3 years, the Board shall:

        (1)    review the prevailing costs of labor and materials; and

        (2)    if warranted by changes in cost, recommend to the General Assembly appropriate adjustments in the ceiling for a small procurement.

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