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Article - State Finance and Procurement


    (a)    After a solicitation is issued and until a recommendation is made by a procurement officer, a procurement officer may disclose to a person outside the Executive Department only:

        (1)    whether a decision has been made regarding a solicitation; and

        (2)    information that is available to the public under Title 4, Subtitles 1 through 5 of the General Provisions Article.

    (b)    After a solicitation is issued, a procurement officer shall record and include in the procurement file the following information from an inquiry from a source outside the Executive Department:

        (1)    the date and time of the inquiry;

        (2)    the name and affiliation of the person making the inquiry; and

        (3)    the substance and nature of the inquiry.

    (c)    A procurement officer shall maintain a file on each procurement that includes:

        (1)    a record of all inquiries required to be recorded under subsection (b) of this section;

        (2)    all written solicitations by an agency or unit;

        (3)    all offers received;

        (4)    all internal and external correspondence regarding the procurement;

        (5)    written documentation from the procurement officer describing efforts to confirm the information in the affidavits submitted by the successful bidder or offeror; and

        (6)    the final contract.

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