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Article - State Personnel and Pensions


    (a)    A memorandum of understanding agreed to and ratified under § 3–601 of this subtitle may not expire until it is succeeded by a memorandum of understanding that is agreed to and ratified under this title.

    (b)    Notwithstanding § 3–601(b) of this subtitle, all terms of a memorandum of understanding shall continue in force and effect without change until a successor memorandum of understanding is agreed to and ratified.

    (c)    (1)    Based on a verified complaint by an exclusive representative, the exclusive representative may file an action in a circuit court against the State, the Maryland Environmental Service, a system institution, Morgan State University, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, or Baltimore City Community College to enforce the terms of this section.

        (2)    On receipt of an action submitted by the exclusive representative, the court shall issue a status quo order without a finding of irreparable harm to maintain a memorandum of understanding and the terms in effect pending a final order in the action.

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