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Article - State Personnel and Pensions


    (a)    (1)    Except as otherwise provided in paragraphs (2) and (3) of this subsection or in any other law, an employee, who because of the nature of the employee’s duties, is required to work on any part of an employee holiday shall receive compensatory time for that work.

        (2)    An employee, including an employee in a 24-hour facility, shall receive payment for the number of holiday hours scheduled, at the employee’s regular hourly rate of pay, and time and one-half payment for the number of hours actually worked, if the employee:

            (i)    is eligible to receive cash overtime;

            (ii)    has holidays prescheduled by the employer; and

            (iii)    is required by the employer to work a holiday that was designated as a prescheduled holiday for the employee.

        (3)    An employee who is included in the Executive Pay Plan at a pay grade of (ES) 6 or above may receive compensatory time for work on an employee holiday only if the employee works 5 or more hours on the holiday. The employee shall receive 1 day of compensatory time for each employee holiday on which the employee works 5 hours or more.

    (b)    An employee must use any compensatory time accrued under this section within 1 year after having accrued that time.

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