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Statutes Text

Article - Tax - General


    (a)    To the extent excluded from federal taxable income, the amounts under this section are added to the federal taxable income of a corporation to determine Maryland modified income.

    (b)    The addition under subsection (a) of this section includes the net capital loss carryback, as defined in § 1212 of the Internal Revenue Code.

    (c)    The addition under subsection (a) of this section includes any taxes based on net income that are imposed by any state or by a political subdivision of any state.

    (d)    The addition under subsection (a) of this section includes the additions required for an individual under:

        (1)    § 10–204(b) of this title (Dividends and interest from another state or local obligation);

        (2)    § 10–204(c)(2) of this title (Federal tax–exempt income);

        (3)    § 10–204(e) of this title (Oil percentage depletion allowance);

        (4)    § 10–204(i) of this title (Deduction for qualified production activities income);

        (5)    § 10–204(j) of this title (Deduction for costs for security clearance administrative expenses and construction and equipment costs incurred to construct or renovate a sensitive compartmented information facility); and

        (6)    § 10–204(l) of this title (Deduction for donations to qualified permanent endowment funds).

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