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Article - Tax - Property


    (a)    Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, any certificate of sale executed and delivered by the collector to the purchaser is assignable and an assignment of the certificate of sale vests in the assignee, or the legal representative of the assignee, all the right, title, and interest of the original purchaser. The assignment of certificate of sale may be made in accordance with the provisions of law relating to the short assignment of mortgages.

    (b)    A certificate of sale issued to a purchaser at a limited auction under § 14–817(d) of this subtitle may not be assigned to another person.

    (c)    (1)    The governing body of a county or municipal corporation may file a motion with the court requesting that a certificate of sale be assigned to the governing body of the county or municipal corporation if:

            (i)    a foreclosure action has been initiated by the holder of the certificate of sale in accordance with this subtitle; and

            (ii)    the foreclosure action is subject to dismissal for a lack of prosecution under Maryland Rule 2–507 or a motion for the entry of a final order has not been filed in the foreclosure action within 18 months after the filing of the complaint, whichever is earlier.

        (2)    On the filing of a motion under this subsection, the court shall direct the holder of the certificate of sale to show good cause as to why the court should not grant the motion.

        (3)    If the holder of the certificate of sale fails to respond to the motion in accordance with the Maryland Rules, the court shall grant the motion.

        (4)    If a court grants a motion under this subsection, the holder of the certificate of sale shall forfeit:

            (i)    any rights under the certificate of sale; and

            (ii)    the amount paid to acquire the certificate of sale.

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