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Article - Tax - Property

§14–885.    NOT IN EFFECT

    ** TAKES EFFECT JULY 1, 2022 PER CHAPTER 382 OF 2021 **

    (a)    (1)    To be eligible for the Program a homeowner shall:

            (i)    reside in a dwelling that has an assessed value of $300,000 or less; and

            (ii)    have a combined income of $60,000 or less.

        (2)    The Department may establish, by regulation, additional eligibility criteria for enrollment in the Program.

    (b)    The Department shall establish, by regulation, a process to:

        (1)    give priority for enrollment in the Program to homeowners who are:

            (i)    at least 60 years old; or

            (ii)    currently receiving disability benefits from the federal Social Security Disability Insurance program or the federal Supplemental Security Income program; and

        (2)    ensure that homeowners are enrolled in the Program who reside in each county in the State.

    (c)    On or before June 30 each year, the Department shall determine the maximum number of homeowners who may be enrolled in the Program in the next succeeding fiscal year based on the amount of funding available for the Program in the Homeowner Protection Fund established under § 14–891 of this subtitle.

    (d)    The number of homeowners enrolled in the Program in a fiscal year may not exceed the maximum number determined by the Department under subsection (c) of this section.

    (e)    County or municipal governments may not be required to pay any costs of the Program.

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