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Senate Agenda for Proceedings No. 29

February 24, 2015
42nd Day of Session
Introductory Senate Bills No. 41
SB 851
Senator Gladden
Real Property - Ground Rents
SB 852
Senator Young
Public Information Act - List of Contact Information for Governmental Unit Representatives
SB 853
Senator Young
Ethan Saylor Center for Self-Advocates as Educators
SB 854
Senator Young
State Government - Administrative Procedure Act - Effective Date of Adopted Regulations
Judicial Proceedings Committee Report No. 4
Distribution Date: February 23, 2015
Second Reading Date: February 24, 2015
SB 121
Favorable Senator Norman
Courts - Discovery - Examination in Aid of Enforcement of Money Judgment
SB 145
Favorable Senator Zirkin
Civil Actions - Disclosure of Information - Repeal of Certification Requirement
SB 150
Favorable with Amendments (3) Senator Hough
Courts - Child Abuse and Neglect - Waiver of Reunification Efforts
SB 125
Unfavorable Senator Gladden
Vehicle Laws - Window Tinting Restrictions - Medical Exemption for Vehicle Owner's Family
SB 317
Unfavorable Senator Ramirez
Lawyers - Fees - Payment by Credit or Debit Card
SB 333
(Constitutional Amendment)
Unfavorable Senator Miller
Calvert County - Improvements to County Roads and Related Infrastructure - "Quick-Take" Condemnation
SB 452
Unfavorable Senator Guzzone
Drivers' Licenses and Identification Cards - Notation of Allergy or Medical Condition
SB 462
Unfavorable Senator Feldman
Vehicle Laws - Mechanical Repair Contracts - Definition and Requirements
SB 692
Unfavorable Senator Benson
Public Safety - State Police - Statewide Database on Police Brutality
SB 82
Unfavorable Senator Brochin
Criminal Law - Second-Degree Murder - Penalty
SB 98
Unfavorable Senator Norman
Vehicle Laws - Operation of Vehicle When Approaching a Service Vehicle
SB 101
Unfavorable Senator Manno
Maryland Uniform Real Property Transfer-on-Death (TOD) Act
SB 127
Unfavorable Senator Gladden
Health Care Malpractice - Certificate and Report of Qualified Expert - Objection
SB 143
Unfavorable Senator Pugh
Health Care Malpractice Claims - Notice of Intent
Budget and Taxation Committee Report No. 4
Distribution Date: February 23, 2015
Second Reading Date: February 24, 2015
SB 66
Favorable with Amendments (1) Chair, Judicial Proceedings Committee
Circuit Court Real Property Records Improvement Fund - Funding
SB 102
Favorable with Amendments (3) Senator Peters
State Retirement and Pension System - Accumulated Contributions of Nonvested Former Members
SB 103
Favorable with Amendments (5) Senator Peters
Judges' Retirement System - Membership, Accrual of Interest, and Reemployment
SB 182
Favorable Senator King
Video Lottery Terminal Revenues - Purse Dedication Account - Standardbred Racetrack Operating Assistance
SB 274
Favorable Harford County Senators
Maryland Income Tax Refunds - Harford County - Warrant Intercept Program
SB 362
Favorable Calvert County Senators
Calvert County - Public Facilities Bonds
Finance Committee Report No. 6
Distribution Date: February 23, 2015
Second Reading Date: February 24, 2015
SB 54
Favorable with Amendments (2) Senator Middleton
Public Service Commission - Restrictions After Service
SB 135
Favorable with Amendments (2) Senator Astle
Workers' Compensation - Heart Disease and Hypertension Presumption - Anne Arundel County Correctional Officers
SB 243
Favorable with Amendments (3) Senator Feldman
State Personnel - Service Contracts - Reporting and Audit Requirements
SB 262
Favorable Senator Jennings
Maryland Building Performance Standards - Energy Codes - Local Authority
SB 353
Favorable with Amendments (2) Senator Hershey
Electric Companies - Installation of Solar Electric Generating Facility - New Interconnection Agreement
SB 8
(Emergency Bill)
Unfavorable Senator Getty
Public Health - Regulation of Milk Products - Revisions
Distribution Date: February 23, 2015
Third Reading Date: February 24, 2015
Senate Third Reading Calendar No. 12 (General Senate Bills)
SB 50
Senator Conway
Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
State Acupuncture Board - Disciplinary Procedures - Judicial Appeals and Prohibition on Stays
SB 89
Senator Astle
Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
City of Annapolis - Alcoholic Beverages - Election Days
SB 94
Senator Ferguson
Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
State Government - Automated Mapping-Geographic Information Systems - System Services Costs
SB 97
Senator Norman
Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
Election Law - Counting of Properly Cast Ballots

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February 25, 2015 9:42 AM
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