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Article - Courts and Judicial Proceedings


    (a)    (1)    All court records under this subtitle pertaining to a child shall be confidential and their contents may not be divulged, by subpoena or otherwise, except by order of the court on good cause shown.

        (2)    This subsection does not prohibit review of a court record by:

            (i)    Personnel of the court;

            (ii)    A party;

            (iii)    Counsel for a party;

            (iv)    A Court–Appointed Special Advocate for the child;

            (v)    Authorized personnel of the Social Services Administration and local departments in order to conduct a child abuse or neglect investigation or to comply with requirements imposed under Title IV–E of the Social Security Act; or

            (vi)    The Department of Juvenile Services if the Department is providing treatment, services, or care to a child who is the subject of the record.

        (3)    Information obtained from a court record is subject to the provisions of §§ 1–201, 1–202, 1–204, and 1–205 of the Human Services Article.

    (b)    (1)    On its own motion or on petition, and for good cause shown, the court:

            (i)    May order the court records of a child sealed; and

            (ii)    Shall order them sealed after the child has reached the age of 21.

        (2)    If sealed, the court records of a child may not be opened, for any purpose, except by order of the court on good cause shown.

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