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Statutes Text

Article - Criminal Procedure


    (a)    In this title the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Child respondent” means a person who:

        (1)    in a petition filed in juvenile court, is alleged to have committed a delinquent act; or

        (2)    has committed a delinquent act.

    (c)    “Delinquent act” has the meaning stated in § 3–8A–01 of the Courts Article.

    (d)    “MDEC system” means the system of electronic filing and case management established by the Supreme Court of Maryland.

    (e)    “Prosecuting attorney” means:

        (1)    the State’s Attorney;

        (2)    the State’s Attorney’s designee;

        (3)    when performing a prosecutorial function at the trial level, the Attorney General or the Attorney General’s designee; or

        (4)    the State Prosecutor or the State Prosecutor’s designee.

    (f)    “Victim stay–away alert technology” means a system of electronic monitoring that is capable of notifying a victim if the defendant is at or near a location from which the defendant has been ordered by the court to stay away.

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