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Article - Family Law


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Caregiver” means a person with whom a child resides and who exercises responsibility for the welfare of the child.

    (c)    “Child” means an individual who is the subject of a guardianship or adoption petition under this subtitle.

    (d)    “Developmental disability” has the meaning stated in § 3–801 of the Courts Article.

    (e)    “Guardianship” means an award, under this subtitle, of any power of a guardian.

    (f)    “Identifying information” means information that reveals the identity or location of an individual.

    (g)    (1)    “Parent” means an individual who, at the time a petition for guardianship is filed under this subtitle or at any time before a court terminates the individual’s parental rights:

            (i)    meets a criterion in § 5–306(a) of this subtitle; or

            (ii)    is the mother.

        (2)    “Parent” does not include an individual whom a court has adjudicated not to be a father or mother of a child.

    (h)    “Party” means:

        (1)    in a guardianship case under this subtitle:

            (i)    the child;

            (ii)    except as provided in § 5–326(a)(3)(iii) of this subtitle, the child’s parent; and

            (iii)    the local department to which the child is committed;

        (2)    in an adoption case under Part III of this subtitle:

            (i)    the child;

            (ii)    the child’s parent; and

            (iii)    the individual seeking adoption;

        (3)    in an adoption case under Part IV of this subtitle:

            (i)    the child; and

            (ii)    the individual seeking adoption; and

        (4)    if express reference is made to a CINA case, a governmental unit or person defined as a party in § 3–801 of the Courts Article.

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