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Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    (1)    Except as otherwise provided in this title, the number of licenses in a class issued by the Board may not exceed:

            (i)    Class A beer, 4;

            (ii)    Class B beer, 23;

            (iii)    Class C beer, 3;

            (iv)    Class D beer, 33;

            (v)    Class A beer and light wine, 7;

            (vi)    Class B beer and light wine, 45;

            (vii)    Class B–GC beer and light wine, 4;

            (viii)    Class B–Stadium beer and light wine, 1;

            (ix)    Class C beer and light wine, 8;

            (x)    Class D beer and light wine, 99;

            (xi)    Class A beer, wine, and liquor, 143;

            (xii)    Class B beer, wine, and liquor, 185;

            (xiii)    Class B–AE beer, wine, and liquor, 15;

            (xiv)    Class BCE beer, wine, and liquor, 8;

            (xv)    Class B–CI beer, wine, and liquor, 2;

            (xvi)    Class B–DD beer, wine, and liquor:

                1.    under § 26–1614(a)(1) of this subtitle, 4;

                2.    under § 26–1614(a)(2) of this subtitle, 4;

                3.    under § 26–1614(a)(3) of this subtitle, 6;

                4.    under § 26–1614(a)(4) of this subtitle, 6;

                5.    under § 26–1614(a)(5) of this subtitle, 4;

                6.    under § 26–1614(a)(6) of this subtitle, 10; and

                7.    under § 26–1614(a)(7) of this subtitle, 3;

            (xvii)    Class B/ECF beer, wine, and liquor, 1;

            (xviii)    Class B–ECF/DS beer, wine, and liquor, 2;

            (xix)    Class B–ECR beer, wine, and liquor, 1;

            (xx)    Class B–Stadium beer, wine, and liquor, 1;

            (xxi)    Class B–WPL (waterfront pavilion) beer, wine, and liquor, 3; and

            (xxii)    Class C beer, wine, and liquor:

                1.    under § 26–1002 of this title, 1;

                2.    under § 26–1005 of this title, 12;

                3.    under § 26–1011 of this title, 25;

                4.    under § 26–1017 of this title, 30; and

                5.    under § 26–1019 of this title, 4.

        (2)    The Board may not issue a new Class A license for or approve the transfer of a Class A license to a location within three–fourths of a mile of a correctional facility, as defined in § 1–101 of the Correctional Services Article, in Upper Marlboro.

    (b)    This section does not invalidate a license in a class that exceeded the maximum number for the class as of June 1, 1955.

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