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Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    There is a sidewalk cafe permit.

    (b)    The Board may issue the permit to a holder of or an applicant for a Class B license.

    (c)    The permit authorizes the permit holder to sell and serve alcoholic beverages in an area on the sidewalk directly in front of the licensed establishment.

    (d)    To maintain a sidewalk cafe permit, the permit holder shall:

        (1)    comply with regulations applicable to the issuance of the underlying Class B license and with all municipal ordinances and fire and health department regulations;

        (2)    ensure that at least one employee certified by an alcohol awareness program is on the premises at all times during the operation of the sidewalk cafe; and

        (3)    keep the kitchen open during all hours of operation and have prepared meals available to be served in the sidewalk cafe.

    (e)    A permit holder may sell or serve alcoholic beverages in the sidewalk cafe every day of the week from noon to midnight.

    (f)    The annual permit fee is $500.

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