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Article - Alcoholic Beverages and Cannabis


    (a)    The Liquor Control Board may establish and maintain stores known as “dispensaries”.

    (b)    A dispensary:

        (1)    may sell sparkling or fortified wine or other alcoholic beverages containing more than 14% alcohol by volume; and

        (2)    shall sell the alcoholic beverages in sealed packages or containers.

    (c)    A dispensary may sell chilled and nonchilled beer, wine, liquor, ice, or bottled water.

    (d)    All alcoholic beverages other than beer and wine shall be purchased from the Liquor Control Board.

    (e)    A dispensary shall sell liquor at wholesale to a beer, wine, and liquor license holder:

        (1)    for a Class A, B, or C license, at a markup not exceeding 15% above the operating cost to the dispensary; or

        (2)    for a Class D license, at a markup not exceeding 15% above the wholesale cost to the dispensary.

    (f)    (1)    The Liquor Control Board may hold wine tasting and sampling promotional events in dispensaries in accordance with this subsection.

        (2)    The Liquor Control Board:

            (i)    may not serve to an individual more than 1 ounce from each brand at an event;

            (ii)    may not allow more than six wine bottles to be open at any one time at an event;

            (iii)    may not conduct events in the county on more than 10 days in any 12–month period;

            (iv)    shall mark each wine bottle used for an event, once opened, that it is to be used only for tasting or sampling;

            (v)    may not mix the contents of a wine bottle with the contents of another wine bottle;

            (vi)    shall destroy all empty wine bottles;

            (vii)    shall allow on–premises consumption at an event; and

            (viii)    may not conduct wine tasting and sampling using a drive–through window.

    (g)    A person may not open or consume the contents of a sealed container or package on the premises of the dispensary where sold.

    (h)    Title 4, Subtitle 2 of this article does not apply to this section.

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