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Article - Agriculture


    (a)    In this section, “animal control facility” means a humane society, as defined in § 10–601 of the Criminal Law Article, or a county or municipal designated animal shelter.

    (b)    The Board, on terms and conditions satisfactory to the Board, may issue a license to an animal control facility to allow the animal control facility to administer drugs needed to sedate, euthanize, or sedate and euthanize animals.

    (c)    (1)    (i)    The owner of an animal control facility shall apply for the license.

            (ii)    The Board shall issue a license in the name of the owner of an animal control facility.

        (2)    The application shall designate one individual at the facility responsible for the drugs.

        (3)    The annual license fee is $100.

    (d)    In accordance with procedures set out in § 2–311 of this subtitle, the Board may:

        (1)    Reject an application for a license; or

        (2)    Suspend or revoke a license for failure to comply with the Board’s regulations.

    (e)    An animal control facility licensed under this section shall comply with the Board’s requirements relating to employee training.

    (f)    A member of the Board, or the Board’s designated inspector, may enter an animal control facility licensed under this section at any reasonable hour to enforce the Board’s regulations.

    (g)    In consultation with the Maryland Department of Health, the Board shall adopt regulations necessary to carry out this section.

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