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Article - Business Regulation


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Agent” means a person who buys or sells junk or scrap metal for a junk dealer or scrap metal processor.

    (c)    “Antique dealer” means a person who does business buying and selling antiques.

    (d)    “Antiques” means objects made in, or typical of, an earlier period of time, that either have special value because of their age or are examples of works of art or handicrafts.

    (e)    (1)    “Junk” or “scrap metal” includes:

            (i)    nonferrous articles made wholly or substantially of:

                1.    aluminum;

                2.    babbitt metal;

                3.    brass;

                4.    bronze;

                5.    light copper;

                6.    heavy copper;

                7.    lead;

                8.    low carbon chrome;

                9.    low carbon manganese;

                10.    molybdenum;

                11.    monel metal;

                12.    pewter;

                13.    nickel;

                14.    stainless steel;

                15.    tin;

                16.    vanadium;

                17.    zinc;

                18.    platinum;

                19.    gold;

                20.    rhodium; or

                21.    other nonferrous metals; and

            (ii)    the following used articles, made of either ferrous or nonferrous metal:

                1.    catalytic converters;

                2.    metal bleachers;

                3.    hard–drawn copper;

                4.    metal beer kegs;

                5.    cemetery urns;

                6.    grave markers;

                7.    propane tanks;

                8.    cell tower batteries; and

                9.    any other used articles owned by a public utility including:

                A.    guardrails;

                B.    manhole covers;

                C.    metal light poles;

                D.    tree grates;

                E.    water meters; and

                F.    street signs.

        (2)    “Junk” or “scrap metal” does not include beverage cans or food cans.

    (f)    (1)    “Junk dealer” or “scrap metal processor” means a person who does business buying or selling junk or scrap metal.

        (2)    “Junk dealer” or “scrap metal processor” does not include a dealer or pawnbroker licensed under Title 12 of this article.

    (g)    “Primary law enforcement unit” means the Department of State Police, a police department, or sheriff, as designated by a resolution of the county or municipal governing body in the county in which the license of the junk dealer or scrap metal processor is held.

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