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Statutes Text

Article - Commercial Law


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Arranger of financing” means a person that:

        (1)    For a fee or other valuable consideration, whether received directly or indirectly, aids or assists a borrower in obtaining a reverse mortgage loan; and

        (2)    Is not named as the lender in the reverse mortgage loan agreement.

    (c)    “Borrower” means an individual who makes a loan application for or receives a reverse mortgage loan.

    (d)    “Counseling agency” means an entity approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide counseling regarding reverse mortgage loans.

    (e)    “Dwelling” has the meaning stated in § 11–501 of the Financial Institutions Article.

    (f)    “Lender” means a person who makes a reverse mortgage loan.

    (g)    “Person” includes an individual, corporation, business trust, statutory trust, estate, trust, partnership, association, two or more persons having a joint or common interest, or any other legal or commercial entity.

    (h)    “Reverse mortgage loan” means a nonrecourse loan that:

        (1)    Is secured by the borrower’s principal dwelling;

        (2)    Provides the borrower with purchase money proceeds, a lump sum payment, periodic cash advances, a line of credit, or any combination of those payment plans based on the equity in or value of the borrower’s principal dwelling; and

        (3)    Requires no payment of principal or interest until the full loan becomes due and payable.

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