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Article - Commercial Law


    (a)    A consumer who is subjected to a violation of this title may file with the Division a written complaint which states:

        (1)    The name and address of the person alleged to have committed the violation complained of;

        (2)    The particulars of the violation; and

        (3)    Any other information required by the Division.

    (b)    After the filing of a complaint, the Division shall investigate the allegations to ascertain issues and facts. If appropriate, the Division shall refer a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

    (c)    The Division may seek the cooperation of the licensing authorities and contracting departments of the State in connection with its investigation of a person who is licensed to do business in the State or who has a contractual relationship with the State.

    (d)    If the Division determines that the complaint lacks reasonable grounds on which to base a violation of this subtitle, it may:

        (1)    Dismiss the complaint; or

        (2)    Conduct any further investigation it considers necessary.

    (e)    This section does not prevent a consumer from:

        (1)    Exercising any right or seeking any remedy to which he might otherwise be entitled; or

        (2)    Filing a complaint with any other agency or court.

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