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Statutes Text

Article - Criminal Procedure

§2–109.    NOT IN EFFECT

    ** TAKES EFFECT JULY 1, 2022 PER CHAPTER 59 OF 2021 **

    (a)    At the commencement of a traffic stop or other stop, absent exigent circumstances, a police officer shall:

        (1)    display proper identification to the stopped individual; and

        (2)    provide the following information to the stopped individual:

            (i)    the officer’s name;

            (ii)    the officer’s identification number issued by the law enforcement agency the officer is representing;

            (iii)    the name of the law enforcement agency the police officer is representing; and

            (iv)    the reason for the traffic stop or other stop.

    (b)    A police officer’s failure to comply with subsection (a) of this section:

        (1)    may be grounds for administrative disciplinary action against the officer; and

        (2)    may not serve as the basis for the exclusion of evidence under the exclusionary rule.

    (c)    A police officer may not prohibit or prevent a citizen from recording the police officer’s actions if the citizen is otherwise acting lawfully and safely.

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