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Statutes Text

Article - Criminal Law


    (a)    In this section, “strangling” means impeding the normal breathing or blood circulation of another person by applying pressure to the other person’s throat or neck.

    (b)    (1)    A person may not intentionally cause or attempt to cause serious physical injury to another.

        (2)    A person may not commit an assault with a firearm, including:

            (i)    a handgun, antique firearm, rifle, shotgun, short–barreled shotgun, or short–barreled rifle, as those terms are defined in § 4–201 of this article;

            (ii)    an assault pistol, as defined in § 4–301 of this article;

            (iii)    a machine gun, as defined in § 4–401 of this article; and

            (iv)    a regulated firearm, as defined in § 5–101 of the Public Safety Article.

        (3)    A person may not commit an assault by intentionally strangling another.

    (c)    A person who violates this section is guilty of the felony of assault in the first degree and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 25 years.

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