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Statutes Text

Article - Criminal Law


    (a)    A person who knows or reasonably suspects that the person is a victim of identity fraud, as prohibited under this subtitle, may contact a local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over:

        (1)    any part of the county in which the person lives; or

        (2)    any part of the county in which the crime occurred.

    (b)    After being contacted by a person in accordance with subsection (a) of this section, a local law enforcement agency shall promptly:

        (1)    prepare and file a report of the alleged identity fraud; and

        (2)    provide a copy of the report to the victim.

    (c)    The local law enforcement agency contacted by the victim may subsequently refer the matter to a law enforcement agency with proper jurisdiction.

    (d)    A report filed under this section is not required to be counted as an open case for purposes including compiling open case statistics.

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