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Article - Correctional Services


    (a)    This section applies to:

        (1)    inmates of any camp in Queen Anne’s County or in any other county in which similar camps are established; and

        (2)    inmates in a county within a reasonable distance, to be determined by the Division of Correction, of a camp described in item (1) of this subsection.

    (b)    Except for inmates needed or being utilized by the State Highway Administration for emergency road maintenance, the Division of Correction shall arrange for inmates to be employed in agricultural work during any part of the year.

    (c)    A person that employs inmates in agricultural work under this section shall:

        (1)    pay the reasonable value for the work at the estimated prevailing wage in the community where the inmates are employed; and

        (2)    give any security for the payments that the Division of Correction requires.

    (d)    A person that employs inmates under this section may sell the produce harvested by the inmates.

    (e)    Inmates employed in agricultural work under this section shall be under the control and supervision of the Division of Correction to the same extent as when employed in the construction and maintenance of public roads.

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