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Article - Economic Development


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Administration” means the Maryland Energy Administration.

    (c)    “Advanced clean energy” includes:

        (1)    solar photovoltaic technology;

        (2)    solar heating;

        (3)    geothermal;

        (4)    wind;

        (5)    biofuels;

        (6)    ethanol;

        (7)    renewable chemical production;

        (8)    other qualifying biomass as defined in § 7–701 of the Public Utilities Article;

        (9)    ocean, including energy from waves, tides, currents, and thermal differences;

        (10)    a fuel cell that produces energy with reduced greenhouse gas emissions as compared to conventional technology;

        (11)    energy efficiency and conservation;

        (12)    combined heat and power;

        (13)    energy storage and battery technologies;

        (14)    grid modernization, including the use of artificial technology and integrated systems for energy demand response, demand management technology, and improved energy distribution;

        (15)    biotechnology in clean energy and for the reduction of direct and indirect agricultural emissions;

        (16)    carbon dioxide removal and management or reuse;

        (17)    clean fuels and displacement of energy–intensive products;

        (18)    transportation electrification and mobility technologies;

        (19)    new concepts to improve safety and reduce the cost of nuclear power;

        (20)    carbon–free generation technologies;

        (21)    any other technology or service that the Center determines will contribute directly or indirectly to the production of energy from renewable or sustainable sources, or to the improvement of efficiency in the use of energy; and

        (22)    deployment of any of the technologies or services listed in items (1) through (21) of this subsection.

    (d)    “Board” means the Board of Directors of the Center.

    (e)    (1)    “Bond” means a bond issued by the Center under this subtitle.

        (2)    “Bond” includes a revenue bond, a revenue refunding bond, a note, and any other obligation, whether a general or limited obligation of the Center.

    (f)    “Center” means the Maryland Clean Energy Center.

    (g)    “Clean energy innovation” means in–State development and deployment of advanced clean energy technologies that address the goals of:

        (1)    energy efficiency in all economic sectors;

        (2)    carbon–free generation of electrical power; and

        (3)    the reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions in all economic sectors.

    (h)    “Cost”, with respect to a project financed under this subtitle, includes:

        (1)    the purchase price of a project;

        (2)    the cost to acquire any right, title, or interest in a project;

        (3)    the cost of any improvement;

        (4)    the cost of any property, right, easement, and franchise;

        (5)    the cost of demolition, removal, or relocation of structures;

        (6)    the cost of acquiring land to which the structures may be moved;

        (7)    the cost of equipment;

        (8)    financing charges;

        (9)    interest before and during construction and, if the Center determines, for a limited period after the completion of construction;

        (10)    reserves for principal and interest and for improvements;

        (11)    the cost of revenue and cost estimates, architectural, engineering, financial, and legal services, plans, specifications, studies, surveys, and other expenses necessary or incident to determining the feasibility of improving a project; and

        (12)    other expenses as necessary or incident to:

            (i)    financing a project;

            (ii)    acquiring and improving a project; and

            (iii)    placing a project in operation.

    (i)    “Director” means the Director of the Administration.

    (j)    “Executive Director” means the Executive Director of the Maryland Clean Energy Center.

    (k)    “Finance” includes refinance.

    (l)    “Governmental unit” means:

        (1)    a county;

        (2)    a municipal corporation;

        (3)    a State unit;

        (4)    a local unit; or

        (5)    any other public body or unit established in accordance with a State or local law, ordinance, or resolution.

    (m)    “Improve” means to add, alter, construct, equip, expand, extend, improve, install, reconstruct, rehabilitate, remodel, or repair.

    (n)    “Improvement” means addition, alteration, construction, equipping, expansion, extension, improvement, installation, reconstruction, rehabilitation, remodeling, or repair.

    (o)    (1)    “Project” means any property, the acquisition or improvement of which the Board, in its sole discretion, determines by resolution will accomplish at least one of the purposes listed in § 10–802(b) of this subtitle, whether or not the property:

            (i)    is or will be used or operated for profit or not for profit;

            (ii)    is or will be located on a single site or multiple sites; or

            (iii)    may be financed by bonds, the interest on which is exempt from income taxation under federal law.

        (2)    “Project” includes:

            (i)    land or an interest in land;

            (ii)    structures, equipment, furnishings, rail or motor vehicles, barges, and boats;

            (iii)    property and rights related to property, appurtenances, rights–of–way, franchises, and easements;

            (iv)    property that is functionally related and subordinate to a project; and

            (v)    patents, licenses, and other rights necessary or useful in the improvement or operation of a project.

    (p)    (1)    “Revenues” means the income, revenue, and other money the Center receives from or in connection with a project, and all other income of the Center.

        (2)    “Revenues” includes grants, rentals, rates, fees, and charges for the use of the services furnished or available.

    (q)    “State agency” means any permanent or temporary State office, department, division or unit, bureau, board, commission, task force, authority, institution, State college or university, and any other unit of State government, whether executive, legislative, or judicial, and any subunits of State government.

    (r)    (1)    “Trust agreement” means an agreement entered into by the Center to secure a bond.

        (2)    “Trust agreement” may include a bond contract, bond resolution, or other contract with or for the benefit of a bondholder.

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