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Article - Education


    (a)    (1)    In this section the following words have the meanings indicated.

        (2)    “English learner enrollment” means the number of students with limited English proficiency in the prior fiscal year.

        (3)    “English learner per pupil amount” means the following proportions of the target per pupil foundation amount:

            (i)    For fiscal year 2022, 100%;

            (ii)    For fiscal year 2023, 100%;

            (iii)    For fiscal year 2024, 100%;

            (iv)    For fiscal year 2025, 102%;

            (v)    For fiscal year 2026, 98%;

            (vi)    For fiscal year 2027, 94%;

            (vii)    For fiscal year 2028, 92%;

            (viii)    For fiscal year 2029, 91%;

            (ix)    For fiscal year 2030, 89%;

            (x)    For fiscal year 2031, 88%;

            (xi)    For fiscal year 2032, 86%; and

            (xii)    For fiscal year 2033 and each fiscal year thereafter, 85%.

        (4)    “Limited English proficiency” means non–English or limited English proficiency under the reporting requirements established by the Department for the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP).

    (b)    (1)    Each fiscal year, the State shall distribute the State share for English learner education to each county board.

        (2)    Each fiscal year, the county board shall distribute to each school the minimum school funding amount for English learners calculated under § 5–234 of this subtitle.

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