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Statutes Text

Article - Education


    In this title, “public charter school” means a public school that:

        (1)    Is nonsectarian in all its programs, policies, and operations;

        (2)    Is a school to which parents choose to send their children;

        (3)    Except as provided in §§ 9–102.1, 9–102.2, and 9–102.3 of this title, is open to all students on a space–available basis and admits students on a lottery basis if more students apply than can be accommodated;

        (4)    Is a new public school or a conversion of an existing public school;

        (5)    Provides a program of elementary or secondary education or both;

        (6)    Operates in pursuit of a specific set of educational objectives;

        (7)    Is tuition–free;

        (8)    Is subject to federal and State laws prohibiting discrimination;

        (9)    Is in compliance with all applicable health and safety laws;

        (10)    Is in compliance with § 9–107 of this title;

        (11)    Operates under the supervision of the public chartering authority from which its charter is granted and in accordance with its charter and, except as provided in §§ 9–104.1 and 9–106 of this title, the provisions of law and regulation governing other public schools;

        (12)    Requires students to be physically present on school premises for a period of time substantially similar to that which other public school students spend on school premises; and

        (13)    Is created in accordance with this title and the appropriate county board policy.

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