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Statutes Text

Article - Education


    (a)    There are community schools in the State.

    (b)    A community school shall:

        (1)    Promote active family and community engagement, including educational opportunities for adults and family members of students at the school who live in the neighborhood of the school;

        (2)    Have a community school coordinator, as described under § 9.9–104 of this title;

        (3)    Promote expanded and enriched learning time and opportunities provided after school, during weekends, and in the summer that emphasize mastering 21st–century skills through practical learning opportunities and community problem–solving;

        (4)    Promote collaborative leadership and practices that empower parents, students, teachers, principals, and community partners to build a culture of professional learning, collective trust, and shared responsibility using strategies such as site–based leadership teams and teacher learning communities;

        (5)    Have a parent teacher organization or a school family council; and

        (6)    Have a community school leadership team.

    (c)    (1)    There shall be a Director of Community Schools in the Department.

        (2)    The Director of Community Schools in the Department shall coordinate professional development for community school coordinators at each community school.

        (3)    In addition to the funding provided for the Director of Community Schools position in the Department, the Governor may include in the annual budget bill an appropriation of at least $100,000 to the Department for the Director of Community Schools to provide training and technical assistance to community schools and for additional staff.

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