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Article - Education


    (a)    This section does not apply to a community school that receives funding under § 5–223 of this article.

    (b)    A local school system shall make public school funding available to a community school.

    (c)    Eligible interventions for which a community school may receive funding include academic services, parental involvement programs, physical and behavioral health services, and community involvement programs.

    (d)    (1)    Academic services include:

            (i)    Academic support and enrichment activities;

            (ii)    Counseling;

            (iii)    Job training, internship opportunities, higher education advising, and career, apprenticeship, and employment opportunities;

            (iv)    Programs that provide assistance to students who are chronically absent, tardy, suspended, or expelled;

            (v)    Specialized instructional support services; and

            (vi)    Early childhood education, including Head Start or Early Head Start.

        (2)    Parental involvement programs include:

            (i)    Programs that promote and encourage parental involvement and family literacy;

            (ii)    Parent leadership development and advocacy activities; and

            (iii)    Parenting education activities.

        (3)    Physical and mental health services include:

            (i)    Mentoring and other youth development services, including after school and summer learning opportunities and services;

            (ii)    Juvenile justice system involvement prevention, reentry, rehabilitation, and restorative practices;

            (iii)    Home visitation services;

            (iv)    Developmentally appropriate physical education;

            (v)    Nutrition services;

            (vi)    Primary health and dental care; and

            (vii)    Mental health and counseling services.

        (4)    Community involvement programs include:

            (i)    Service and service–learning opportunities;

            (ii)    Adult education, including English as a second language classes;

            (iii)    Homelessness prevention and permanent housing services; and

            (iv)    Other services designed to meet the needs of the community school and the community as identified by the community school leadership team and in accordance with the plan developed under § 9.9–104(b) of this title.

    (e)    A community school or the community school coordinator may solicit the assistance and support of community partners when fulfilling the requirements of this section.

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