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Statutes Text

Article - Election Law


    (a)    Delegates and alternate delegates to the national presidential nominating convention of a political party shall be selected as provided in the national party rules of the party.

    (b)    The State central committee of each political party shall certify to the State Board, not later than October 1 in the year preceding the election:

        (1)    the number of delegates and alternate delegates to be selected in the State and the mode or modes of selection; and

        (2)    in the case of a principal political party:

            (i)    if delegates are to be elected by district, the number of delegates to be elected from each district;

            (ii)    provisions for placing on the ballot the name of a presidential candidate, or the word “uncommitted”, adjacent to the name of each candidate for delegate;

            (iii)    provisions for how, if a candidate for delegate withdraws in accordance with § 5–502 of this article and the withdrawing candidate’s name would have appeared on the ballot adjacent to the name of a presidential candidate, that presidential candidate will designate a replacement candidate for delegate no later than 5 days after the deadline established in § 5–502 of this article; and

            (iv)    any other provisions of the national party rules of the party that relate to the election of delegates or alternate delegates at the primary election.

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