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Article - Environment


    (a)    (1)    With the advice and consent of the Senate, the Governor shall appoint a Hart-Miller-Pleasure Island Citizens Oversight Committee.

        (2)    The terms and qualifications of members of the Oversight Committee shall be determined by the Governor.

    (b)    The Oversight Committee shall be composed of the following members:

        (1)    2 trustees from the grantee in interest, as defined in § 5-1202.2(a)(1) of the Natural Resources Article;

        (2)    1 individual from the North Point Peninsula Community Coordinating Council;

        (3)    1 individual from the Essex Middle River Civic Council, Inc.;

        (4)    2 interested citizens, 1 of whom shall reside in the sixth legislative district, and 1 of whom shall reside in the seventh legislative district;

        (5)    1 individual from the Baltimore County Waterman’s Association;

        (6)    1 individual who represents the pleasure boating industry in Baltimore County;

        (7)    1 individual who represents the sport fishing or crabbing industry in Baltimore County;

        (8)    1 individual from the Greater Dundalk Community Council; and

        (9)    1 individual from the Hart and Miller Island Area Environmental Group, Inc.

    (c)    The Oversight Committee shall:

        (1)    Monitor and provide oversight regarding:

            (i)    The future development, use, and maintenance of the Hart–Miller–Pleasure Island chain; and

            (ii)    The water quality immediately surrounding the islands; and

        (2)    Hear and dispose of complaints lodged by individuals affected by the future development and the water quality immediately surrounding the Hart–Miller–Pleasure Island chain.

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