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Article - Environment


    (a)    (1)    Any person performing lead-contaminated dust testing or conducting inspections required by this subtitle:

            (i)    Shall be accredited by the Department;

            (ii)    May not be a related party to the owner; and

            (iii)    Shall submit a verified report of the result of the lead-contaminated dust testing or visual inspection to the Department, the owner, and the tenant, if any, of the affected property.

        (2)    An owner may not employ or engage a related party to the owner to perform lead-contaminated dust testing or conduct inspections required by this subtitle.

    (b)    A report submitted to the Department under subsection (a) of this section that certifies compliance for an affected property with the risk reduction standard shall be conclusive proof that the owner is in compliance with the risk reduction standard for the affected property during the period for which the certification is effective, unless there is:

        (1)    Proof of actual fraud as to that affected property;

        (2)    Proof that the work performed in the affected property was not performed by or under the supervision of personnel accredited under § 6-1002 of this title; or

        (3)    Proof that the owner failed to respond to a complaint regarding the affected property as required by § 6-819 of this subtitle.

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