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Article - Environment


    (a)    There is an Office of Recycling created within the Department.

    (b)    The Secretary shall appoint a Director and sufficient staff to perform the functions of the Office. After July 1, 1989, the number of staff shall be as provided in the budget.

    (c)    The Secretary may adopt regulations to carry out the provisions of this subtitle.

    (d)    The Office shall:

        (1)    Assist the counties in developing an acceptable recycling plan required under § 9–1703 of this subtitle and § 9–505 of this title, including technical assistance to the local governments;

        (2)    Coordinate the efforts of the State to facilitate the implementation of the recycling goals at the county level;

        (3)    Review all recycling plans submitted as part of a county plan as required under § 9–505 of this title and advise the Secretary on the adequacy of the recycling plan;

        (4)    Administer the Statewide Electronics Recycling Program under Part IV of this subtitle; and

        (5)    Promote the development of markets for recycled materials and recycled products in the State in accordance with § 9–1702.1 of this subtitle.

    (e)    On or before December 31, 2024, and every 2 years thereafter, the Office shall, in coordination with the Maryland Environmental Service, study and report to the Governor and, subject to § 2–1257 of the State Government Article, the General Assembly on:

        (1)    The identification and location of recycling centers, including an analysis of existing recycling centers and the need to expand these facilities or construct new recycling centers;

        (2)    Programs necessary to educate the public on the need to participate in recycling efforts;

        (3)    The economics and financing of existing and proposed systems of waste disposal and recycling;

        (4)    State procurement policies for the purchase of recycled materials;

        (5)    Programs necessary to reduce the amount of solid waste generated for disposal by a State agency or unit;

        (6)    The liaison role with local governments, the federal government, and the private sector;

        (7)    The percentage reduction in the amount of solid waste that has been achieved by each county; and

        (8)    Economically feasible methods for the recycling of scrap automobile tires, batteries, and white goods.

    (f)    (1)    By December 1, 1988, the Office shall, in coordination with the Maryland Environmental Service and the Governor’s Task Force on Solid Waste, make recommendations to the General Assembly for the financing of a comprehensive system of recycling at the State and local level, including funding for recycling centers, recycling equipment, recycling education, and marketing strategies.

        (2)    After the financing recommendations are made under paragraph (1) of this subsection, each county may submit to the Office and the Governor a detailed request for funds necessary to assist in the development and implementation of a recycling plan under guidelines developed by the Office.

    (g)    In studying feasible methods for the management and recycling of used tires under subsection (e)(9) of this section, the Office of Recycling shall consult with the appropriate industry, including representatives of:

        (1)    Tire manufacturers;

        (2)    Tire dealers; and

        (3)    Tire recyclers.

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