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Article - Estates and Trusts


    (a)    (1)    If neither parent is serving as guardian of the person and no testamentary appointment has been made, on petition by any person interested in the welfare of the minor, and after notice and hearing, the court may appoint a guardian of the person of an unmarried minor.

        (2)    If the minor is at least 14 years old, and if the person otherwise is qualified, the court shall appoint a person designated by the minor, unless the decision is not in the best interests of the minor.

        (3)    This section may not be construed to require court appointment of a guardian of the person of a minor if there is no good reason, such as a dispute, for a court appointment.

    (b)    (1)    Venue in proceedings under this subtitle shall be as prescribed by the Maryland Rules.

        (2)    The contents of the petition and the manner of giving notice of the hearing on the petition shall be as prescribed by the Maryland Rules.

    (c)    If there is no victim’s representative who can adequately assert the minor’s rights as a victim of a crime or a delinquent act and no court has appointed a guardian ad litem to protect the minor’s interests, the rights, duties, and powers that the court may order the guardian to exercise shall include serving as a victim’s representative to assert the minor’s interests.

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