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Article - Estates and Trusts


    (a)    (1)    A court shall remove a fiduciary who has:

            (i)    Willfully misrepresented material facts leading to the appointment of the fiduciary or to other action by the court in reference to the fiduciary estate;

            (ii)    Willfully disregarded an order of court;

            (iii)    Shown to be incapable, with or without fault to properly perform the duties of the office of fiduciary; or

            (iv)    Breached the fiduciary duty of good faith or loyalty in the management of property of the fiduciary estate.

        (2)    A court may remove a fiduciary who has:

            (i)    Negligently failed to file a bond within the time required by rule or order of court;

            (ii)    Negligently failed to obey an order of court; or

            (iii)    Failed to perform any fiduciary duty, or to competently administer the fiduciary estate.

    (b)    Procedures for the removal of a fiduciary shall be conducted by the court in accordance with the provisions of the Maryland Rules applying to a fiduciary.

    (c)    The provisions of this section may not apply to personal representatives.

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