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Article - Family Law


    (a)    Any adult or minor may be adopted under this subtitle.

    (b)    (1)    Any adult may petition a court for adoption.

        (2)    If a petitioner is married, the petitioner’s spouse shall join in the petition unless the spouse:

            (i)    is separated from the petitioner under a circumstance that gives the petitioner a ground for annulment or divorce;

            (ii)    is not competent to join in the petition; or

            (iii)    1.    is a parent of the prospective adoptee; and

                2.    has consented to the adoption in accordance with this subtitle.

    (c)    Before a petition is filed under this subtitle, a petitioner shall move for, and a court shall order that, a case pending under Subtitle 3 of this title be closed.

    (d)    If the marital status of a petitioner changes before entry of an order under this subtitle, the petitioner shall amend the petition accordingly.

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