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Statutes Text

Article - General Provisions


    (a)    The court may compel compliance with the Ethics Commission’s order by:

        (1)    issuing an order to cease and desist from the violation; or

        (2)    granting other injunctive relief.

    (b)    (1)    The court may also:

            (i)    impose a fine:

                1.    not exceeding $5,000 for a violation of this title;

                2.    with each day that the violation occurs being a separate offense; and

                3.    which shall be paid to the State Treasurer and deposited in the General Fund; or

            (ii)    except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, void an official act of an official or employee if:

                1.    the official or employee had a conflict of interest that is prohibited by this title;

                2.    the act arose from or concerned the subject matter of the conflict;

                3.    the proceeding was brought within 90 days after the act occurred; and

                4.    the court determines that the conflict had an impact on the act.

        (2)    The court may not void an official act that:

            (i)    appropriates public funds;

            (ii)    imposes a tax; or

            (iii)    provides for the issuance of a bond, a note, or any other evidence of public obligation.

    (c)    After hearing the case, the court may grant all or part of the relief sought.

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