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Statutes Text

Article - Housing and Community Development


    (a)    The Administration shall administer a program of financial assistance for:

        (1)    community development projects;

        (2)    energy conservation projects;

        (3)    home improvement projects;

        (4)    public purpose projects;

        (5)    solar energy projects;

        (6)    special housing facilities; and

        (7)    business projects.

    (b)    The Administration shall provide financial assistance for projects and facilities under this section with money that the Administration can get for them from any source, including:

        (1)    payments under federal law;

        (2)    bonds or notes issued by the Administration;

        (3)    bonds or notes issued by the State; and

        (4)    mortgage-backed securities and proceeds of investments in them.

    (c)    A loan for a home improvement project having a principal balance exceeding $5,000 shall be secured by a mortgage.

    (d)    Subject to an agreement with noteholders or bondholders, the Administration may consent that a loan, loan commitment, or agreement to which the Administration is a party be modified as to:

        (1)    the interest rate;

        (2)    the time of payments of an installment of principal or interest;

        (3)    security; or

        (4)    any other term.

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