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Statutes Text

Article - Housing and Community Development


    (a)    The Department may:

        (1)    charge an application fee or other fee to a Program loan applicant or lender;

        (2)    purchase or make commitments to purchase Program loans made by mortgage lenders;

        (3)    make contracts with third parties to make or service mortgage Program loans made for the Department;

        (4)    acquire any property that secures a Program loan under this subtitle by gift, purchase, foreclosure, or otherwise, and sell or otherwise dispose of the property or an interest in the property;

        (5)    delegate to a political subdivision any administrative or operational element of the Program not assigned to the Department under subsection (b) of this section;

        (6)    take any other action necessary or convenient to operate the Program; and

        (7)    require a political subdivision that administers its own down payment and settlement expense loan program to inform the Department of the political subdivision’s homebuyer education requirements.

    (b)    The Department shall:

        (1)    administer the Program;

        (2)    attach to a Program loan the terms needed to carry out the Program;

        (3)    establish eligibility standards for Program loans, considering State, regional, and county housing costs, median incomes, and household sizes;

        (4)    establish guidelines to determine what parts of the down payment and settlement expenses may be covered by the Program loan; and

        (5)    adopt regulations to carry out the Program.

    (c)    The sale or purchase of property that the Department acquires or disposes of under this section need not be approved or executed by the Board of Public Works or the Department of General Services.

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