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Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    Subject to this section, the Commissioner may issue a special permit for a minor of any age to be employed as an entertainer, model, or performer.

    (b)    An applicant for a special permit shall submit to the Commissioner a completed application on the form that the Commissioner provides.

    (c)    The Commissioner shall issue a special permit if, after investigation, the Commissioner is satisfied that:

        (1)    the employment will not be detrimental to the health or welfare of the minor;

        (2)    the minor will be supervised adequately; and

        (3)    the education of the minor will not be neglected.

    (d)    A special permit shall contain notarized signatures that show the consent of:

        (1)    a parent of the minor or a person standing in place of the parent; and

        (2)    the employer.

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